Instant beauty! New evocative illustrations provided by for Shadowman, an ongoing project



In the darkness you can only see him if he smiles. Teeth hovering in the air, shimmering like pearls. In the daylight he’s your shadow. He wears a hat slanted to one side. Underneath it, his oily hair is slicked back. His suit trousers are high-waisted and his jacket double-breasted. He smokes. He hasn’t changed his clothes or his filthy habit since the day he died.

Neither has he moved house.

…and Astrid thought the house was empty when she moved in.

Astrid is ten years old. She has a gift that she might have preferred to have been without had she known any different. She can see through people, straight into the core of their hearts. Mostly there’s nothing to see, just a greyscale, value 0-255.  At times the core is a roaring fire that can’t be classed as good or bad, it just burns endlessly. The intensity…

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